ITQI Superior Taste Award 2017Taste

Many still remember the bad taste of cod liver oil in the past. Then cod liver oil had an unpleasant taste and was often of varying quality. Cod liver oil becomes rancid of taste when exposed to oxygen and light for a long time.

Nowadays, there are better production techniques available to prevent this. Möller’s uses fresh fish for the cod liver oil. The oil is then mildly processed and cleaned in a low-oxygen environment (without use of chemicals). Additionally, vitamin E is added to the oil, which further protects the oil from oxidation. This ensures Möller’s cod liver oil to taste neutral and fresh.

Recently, we even won the Superior Taste Award 2017 for taste and quality of Möller’s cod liver oil, from the renowned International Taste and Quality Institute! The jury of 135 experts evaluated the taste of Möller’s cod liver oil as remarkable and this was awarded with the Superior Taste Award.