Fish Oil

Fish oil

Möller’s omega-3 fish oil provides a healthy supplement to your daily diet. Möller’s is a unique combination of natural omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) and natural vitamin A and D.

The omega-3 fish oil of Möller’s is also known as cod liver oil.

Food supplement

Everyone wants to be healthy and stay healthy. Good nutrition, sufficient exercise and relaxation provide an important basis for good health. However, not everybody eats and lives as healthy every day. Additional supplementation may be advisable in such cases. As a helping hand to increase and maintain resistance, in a stressful period or simply because you do not always eat as healthy.

Möller's cod liver oil is also an important supplementation of DHA and vitamin D to support the growth and development of children. Read more.

Möller’s products contain a unique combination of natural omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA and the vitamins A, D and E. A daily dosage of 5 ml (1 dessert spoon) Möller’s cod liver oil provides you with no less than 600 mg DHA and 400 mg EPA omega-3 fatty acids and meets your daily need for vitamin D. Möller’s cod liver oil thus offers more omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA than most omega-3 products in the market.

Nutrition declaration Möller's


Möller’s cod liver oil is, unlike other fish oils, consumed in the natural, liquid form (oil). It is a natural product and contains the omega-3 fatty acids in natural form, which results in better absorption. The liquid form is also ideal for people who have difficulty swallowing.
The cod liver oil can be consumed using a spoon (1 dessert spoon per day), but it is also possible to stir the fish oil through the yogurt or to use it in a shake. Everything is possible, as long as the cod liver oil is not heated because this reduces the effectiveness of the fatty acids.
Möller’s omega-3 fish oil is also available in capsule form: Möller’s Double.

For the whole body

Möller’s omega-3 fish oil is naturally rich in omega-3 (DHA and EPA) and vitamin A and D. This fish oil is good for the heart and the brain, it supports the muscle function and the immune system. Möller’s fish oil is also good for the skin and ensures strong bones and teeth. Furthermore, consuming one dessert spoon Möller’s omega-3 fish oil contributes to good vision.

Not to forget: Möller's contributes to the growth and development of children. Read more.

These health benefits are scientifically supported. The European Commission has approved these claims.

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