1. Autumn is coming!

    Autumn is coming!

    Summer is good as over, Autumn is upon us again. This also means that your body could use some extra support to ensure a good immunity. Support your immune system with a spoonful of Möller’s cod liver oil a day!

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  2. The Oslo Breakfast

    The Oslo Breakfast

    The Norwegians are worldwide both the happiest and the healthiest people. This is largely due to their healthy way of eating. Breakfast is key in Norway. Cod liver oil is consumed daily and this healthy supplement is daily part of breakfast, also known as the Oslo Breakfast.

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  3. Cod liver oil vs. fish oil capsules

    Why do we prefer Möller’s cod liver oil over regular fish oil capsules? In addition to high quality and high content of omega-3 and vitamins, Möller’s also distinguishes itself from the regular fish oil capsules in origin, production process, natural ingredients and sustainability. Read more…

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  4. Are you eating enough fish?

    Did you know that more than 90% of the Dutch eat too little fish? The advice is: eat fish, preferably fatty fish, such as mackerel, herring or salmon, at least once a week. Are you consuming enough fish?

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  5. Omega-3 hart Möller's

    Omega-3 fatty acids are important for good recovery of the heart after a heart attack.

    A research conducted by the Harvard Medical School in Boston, published by the American Heart Association, showed that daily intake during six months of a high dose fish oil after a heart attack improves cardiac function and reduces the formation of scars in the heart.

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  6. Cod liver oil summer

    It is important to take in enough omega-3 and vitamin D throughout the year. Möller's cod liver oil is rich in these essential nutrients, plus Vitamin A and E.

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  7. Vikings Cod liver oil

    Cod liver oil has been used for more than 1000 years. Cod liver oil was already popular in the Viking era. The Vikings used cod liver oil because of its powers of healing, strength and energy, and they already got it right. The Vikings called cod liver oil: "Gold of the Ocean".

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  8. Vitamin D sunscreen

    Sunscreen blocks the production of vitamin D in the skin: one of the causes of a common vitamin D deficiency. Worldwide, about one billion people have a vitamin D deficiency.

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  9. Superior Taste Award

    All flavours Möller's Cod Liver Oil (Natural, Lemon and Tutti Frutti) have received this prestigious award for taste and quality. The Superior Taste Award is awarded annually by the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) in Brussels. An exceptional jury of 135 experts rated the products according to a highly rigorous sensory analysis procedure. The jury found the taste of Möller's Cod liver oil remarkably well and this was awarded the Superior Taste Award 2017. We are proud!

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