Cod liver oil vs. fish oil capsules

Why do we prefer Möller’s cod liver oil over regular fish oil capsules? In addition to high quality and high content of omega-3 and vitamins, Möller’s also distinguishes itself from the regular fish oil capsules in origin, production process, natural ingredients and sustainability. Read more…

Möller’s cod liver oil contains a very high level of DHA and EPA fatty acids compared to fish oil capsules. Another important difference is that cod liver oil is naturally rich in vitamin A and D, as opposed to fish oil capsules, to which these vitamins are often added artificially.

Cod liver oil is obtained from the liver of Arctic cod fish (highly concentrated in omega-3 and vitamin A and D) by means of a steaming process, while fish oil is pressed from the whole fish. The steaming process used for Möller’s cod liver oil is a unique method, introduced by Peter Möller. The temperature of the steam is low, which slowly separates the oil from the liver.

Furthermore, the omega-3 in Möller’s exists in its natural triglyceride form, unique for fish oil. This natural form ensures a better uptake of the fatty acids in the body than the ethyl esters produced during the production process of regular fish oil capsules.

Moreover, Möller’s is certified as Friend of the Sea, for sustainable fishing. This implies that there is no overfishing, that the fishing method is selective and that all parts of the fish are used.

Möller’s cod liver oil: a pure, natural and sustainable product!