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Möller’s is certified by Friend of the Sea, for the sustainable catch and processing of the wild Arctic cod (skrei) for Möller’s cod liver oil. The fish is caught by fishing with lines (instead of nets) and all parts of the fish are used.

Möller’s cod liver oil is produced without use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or growth hormones and respecting the water quality and the living habitats of the fishes.
Möller’s ensures that all fish used is caught in an environment-friendly way, without threatening endangered species or the fish population in the sea. The Arctic cod (skrei) is well protected from overfishing. The Arctic waters are the most strictly regulated areas in the world.
Even though we only use the liver of the fish for the cod liver oil, nothing is wasted. The other parts of the fish are also used for human consumption.

Friend of the Sea is one of the leading international, non-profit certification organizations for products derived from sustainable fisheries.

Fish oil capsules and sustainable fisheries

The fish oil, used for Möller’s Double capsules, is made from cold water fatty fish, such as anchovies and sardines. These are caught before the coast of South America. The fish population in this sea is well regulated and is not threatened by overfishing. All our suppliers of raw fish oil are approved by the local authorities and have their documents in order. We regularly visit their facilities to ensure they meet our strict requirements.