Fish from clean seas

The Arctic cod is obtained from the cleanest seas in the world where levels of toxic substances and other pollutants are minimal.

Strict quality controls

Möller’s cod liver oil is a natural product and is 100% obtained from the wild Arctic cod. The product undergoes strict quality checks before being bottled.

Our products are safe for both children and adults. By using raw materials from clean oceans, we can prevent unwanted materials as much as possible. To guarantee the purity of the products, the products are mildly (without the use of any chemicals) but effectively cleaned to remove unwanted materials.
To protect the properties of the omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E is added to the cod liver oil. Vitamin E protects from oxidation of the omega-3, in the bottle as well as in our body. The omega-3 fatty acids in our cod liver oil maintain their natural triglyceride form.
The production process occurs in an oxygen-low environment, which makes oxidation impossible and guarantees a fresh taste of the cod liver oil. Möller’s cod liver oil is bottled in green bottles in order to prevent oxidation too.
The production, purification and strict controls of all products are performed in our own factory in Norway.

Our products comply with and even transcend the international rules (including those of the organization GOED: Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3) for purity of the products.
Möller’s products are regularly tested by independent laboratories for freshness and purity. They are free from detectable levels of mercury, cadmium, lead, PCBs and 28 other possible contaminants.

Unique production method

Möller's is produced according to a unique production method. Peter Möller, the founder of the brand, introduced the Möller method: separating oil from the liver of cod fish by steam heating. The liver is steamed at a low temperature, which ensures slow separation of the omega-3 rich oil and retains the natural form of the fatty acids.

This production method of Möller's cod liver oil ensures a product of very high quality. The liver of the Arctic cod fish is naturally very concentrated in omega-3 and vitamin A and D. Because this liver is steamed at low temperature, the natural form and effectivity of the omega-3 is retained. Using this unique production method, a high level of omega-3 can be guaranteed. 

Since the brand's foundation, the production method has been further developed, which has constantly improved the quality, purity and taste of Möller's cod liver oil. Try Möller's now!